Monday, 24 January 2011

My Favourite Places

You may want to know this, or you may really not care. Lets be honest, its probably the latter but as you're now reading this, it may be interesting to list my favourite places and why i love them so dearly.

- Ireland.
As my daddy is Irish, i have a lot of love for this place. Its half me after all :)
Ireland is such a place of beauty.
Green fields everywhere you look (due to the rain!), and some of the nicest, laid back people you will ever meet.
                                                           Typical Irish Countryside :)

- Hawaii.
Kauai to be precise. Kauai is known as the Garden Isle, it genuinely is a place of real serenity and peace.
The locals are lovely and always welcoming.
The food is amazing and i feel genuinely blessed to have been lucky enough to have been there.
It genuinely is like being in paradise.


- Lake Garda.
I have such fond memories of a holiday to this beautiful lake in Italy. Sunshine beating down on the pavements, the coolest fish and chip shop in the world (a little place, with fresh fish which you pick and they then deep fry in front of you), stunning blue sea and some amazing friends. Bliss.

Stunning Sea.

- Camden.
Now there is nothing like a random day out to Camden Town.
The thing i love the most about Camden is the people. The attitude of "be who you want to be" is admirable. I never feel out of place in Camden as everyone is so different and its such a unique place. Camden market is full of such amazing pieces, its like a treasure chest.

Camden Town

The Market

Cyberdog..GO THERE!

Inside Cyberdog

Just Be Yourself.

So there you have it, i thoroughly recommend you trying to get yourself to any of these places, you won't regret it.

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